Porto Colon (2)

Red Skies
David Alexander
Sun 29 May 2011 16:15
Sunday 29th May.  Last night we saw groups of men congregating in bars, wearing their Barcelona shirts and it dawned on us that the European Cup Final was due to be held. We retreated to the safety of our boat in the middle of the bay and later heard the cheers, yells and firecrackers so we can only assume that Barcelona came out victorious.
Today was another calm, sunny  and hot day and we relaxed with our boat on a safe mooring with a splendid view of the town. Eventually, we went ashore and took a long walk to the ligthouse, past a couple of good beaches. This resort is more Spanish/Mallorcan than others we have been to and, being Sunday, the roads are rather busy with Spanish families coming to the beach. David is making the most of the versatility of our Nestaway dinghy and went for a long, if slow, sail in variable winds. It has to be noted that rigging and de-rigging the boat requires substantial team work, as does getting the boat on to Red Skies - but we are getting the system slicker every time.
One annoying fearure of this cruise is the frequency with which our cupboard catches are breaking - and normally at the most inconvenient time. Although stylish, the catches rely on a small and vulnerable piece of plastic to attach the handle to the fastening catch and we are regularly left with a handle in one hand and looking at a closed cupboard! Having almost run out of replacements, we are now perfecting a 'Superglue' repair scheme, having seen how many more catches we have on the boat. We have a production line process, glueing the latest casualty and leaving it to set in a convalscent box, whilst refixing the 'one we prepared earlier'.
Small fishing boats at the far end of Porto Colon bay
Porto Colon waterside
Another view of Porto Colon