Oeiras - 38:40:56N 09:19:07W

Red Skies
David Alexander
Wed 17 Jun 2009 17:07
Wednesday 17th June
Another cruising chute blast - this time down to Oeiras, on the River Tagus, and is just a short train ride from Lisbon.
On the Thursday, a tour of the local fort had been arranged. This was somewhat special, as it is the official residence of the Minister of Defence and is generally not open to the public.
Minister of Defence Residence - Oeiras
Following our tour of the fort, a coach had been organised to take us first to a park, dedicated to Portugese poets and then to the gardens of a past royal palace, now used as a welfare home.
Poets Park - Oeiras
Friday was a free day for Rally participants to visit Lisbon if they wished. We duly caught the train, which efficiently transported us there and walked up the hill to the magnificent castle. It was a hot day and having managed to get a flavour of the city, we resolved that we should return on another occasion and appreciate more of its attractions.
View of Lisbon from Castle
Later that afternoon, we were encouraged by the marina authorities to leave a lasting reminder of our presence by painting something on the breakwater. Don and Charlie duly obliged, with some debilitation from the heat, with a magnificent representation of the Red Skies logo.
Charlie and Don pose in fron of their handiwork on the breakwater at Oeiras
Alison felt an ode was in order:-
We were welcomed at Nazare
With a finish line squall
And once into the marina
By pescadores and all

It is sad to relate
That we didn't go out
It was time to recover
>From incipient gout

Nazare to Peniche
Was such a short hop
So we put on the motor -
We needed to shop

Despite warnings of anchoring
We were all rafted by flank
We saw the town by an engine
Like 'Thomas the 'Tank'

A civic reception -
In the Middle Aged fort
'Suzie' came first in the leg
Well deserved we all thought

Leg Peniche to Oeiras
Was a self-timed start
But Andrew was checking
That we were honest - hand on heart

The heat really kicked in
After rounding the Cape -
The wind did blow iup there
Carl said "Thirty-eight"

We visited the fort here
The Minister's private abode
And a tour of Poets' Park
Where we read the odd ode

A magnificent meal
With a stupendous view
At Rio'ses restaurant
And prize-giving too

Some visited Lisbon
And climbed the steep streets
Others did boat things
And untangled sheets

We're sailing to Sines
The wind's just arrived
The 'L' plate is flying
It's good being alive

We'll party in Sines
There's lots going on
Mandy & Steve's Birthdays
And to Derek - a grandson