Red Skies
David Alexander
Sat 31 May 2014 17:24
Saturday 31st May. We are still in Addaia as forecast winds and swell have not been favourable. Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a bit of rain but there were apparently thunderstorms elsewhere on the Island, although we didn’t hear them.
Before the rain we managed to do a bit of exploring in warm sunshine and it was a pleasure to stretch the legs.
Addaia marina from the road above. Red Skies is at the right hand end of the pontoon in the middle of the picture

Far end of Port Addaia looking back towards the anchorage and marina

A Nature Reserve adjacent to Addaia with a status equivalent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest

We walked part way along the Cami de Cavalls, an age-old coastal path (14th century) that surrounds the Island. In previous times it was used to control the coastline and help shipwrecked people. It has now been recovered for public use and is signposted as GR 223 (grand rondo nee 223). It is approximately 185 km but we only walked a section! Signing of the path is mainly good and the surface is firm with footbridges over stream and swamps. Although mountain bikers also take the route, one would not call it wheelchair friendly.

One of the footpath gateways between fields on GR 223. The concrete shown here didn’t extend beyond the photo and was the only bit we came across.

In places where otherwise there would have been a mudslide, log steps had been placed - very useful but slightly too close together for comfort

Some disused salinas - clearly salt making here has not happened for a few years.

Yesterday evening we sampled the restaurant on site for some tapas and drinks with Paul and Daphne as company. The company and food were very good.

Today, David dug out his bicycle from the depths of the 3rd cabin, bought a jerry can from the chandler on site and went in search of a filling station. He had been told that the nearest was on  the road into Mahon but he hadn’t been told that it was uphill for most of the way. No matter - the observant will note that on the outward journey the said can was empty and on the way back, when it was full, some sort of speed record for a folding bike must have been set. Once the full jerry can had been safely stowed, some further explorations by bike were undertaken with the discovery, amongst others, of a sizeable water park with flumes and screaming teenagers only about 5 miles away from this idyllic spot.
We are intent on moving on on Monday, unless the forecast deteriorates significantly. The conditions are by no means ideal but there are signs that they may worsen as the week progresses.