09.03S 126.37W

Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Fri 5 Aug 2011 01:35
Our lack of wind yesterday came to an end not long before sunset when it built to around 10 knots and has been blowing ever since.
We had a great sail in the moonlight until it set on the horizen.
A wind shift late in the evening saw us give away the winged out arrangement with genneker and genoa, in favour of just the genneker until around 10pm and then just the genoa overnight.
This morning we hoisted the main again but found that our boat speed was better with just the genoa so did another swap back to just the genoa. We have finally settled on this sail now and will not make any further changes overnight. The wind direction has made it difficult to keep both the genoa and mainsail working for us.
The forcast is for stronger winds over the next few days so our countdown to Tahiti should keep ticking along.
No other stunning news I'm afraid. We are both looking forward to getting into Tahiti now but that is still days away.
Over the past 24 hours we sailed 134NM and have just moved past 1187NM to go to our waypoint. We have averaged 150NM a day now since leaving Galapagos.
Andrew Partington.