13.03S 141.56W

Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Fri 12 Aug 2011 01:40
We are very, very close now. Yesterday we had the Marquesas just 100NM to our north and today we have the first island of the Tuamotus 70NM south of us.
Our waypoint off Takaroa is now just 175NM away, after we opted for a slightly shorter route. We should be there tomorrow night and will quietly sail towards out passage through the islands so that we are doing so in daylight hours. Of course we then have to sail across to Tahiti, which will be around another 120NM. I think for both of us, however, it is very much going to feel that our journey has been compeleted as we pass between Rangiroa and Aratua.
The nights are starting to take a toll on us now and last night we really struggled. I tried to sleep in the afternoon without success so overnight was pretty tough. We had another squall on Janes 2am shift. No big deal  but they do mess with the wind direction for at least an hour and serve to divert you from your main task of putting miles under the keels. It is hard to descibe just how tired you get but to give you some idea, a couple of nights ago I fell asleep leaning against the steps to the helmstation whist listening to my I-phone blaring music through my headphones. When your head hits the pillow you are generally asleep before you could count to ten. Today we have both slept so hopefully we should have a better night. This has all been made so much tougher by losing our autopilot.
Last night we were forecast fair winds and ended up with a constant 22-23 knots which again whipped the seas up for us. By morning the winds and seas had eased.
We have had a super sail all day today in an easterly blowing at 15-16 knots Still on the genneker and will not change this as sterring has become much easier with it since the seas eased.
The pins in our Mailasail Map must be showing us as virtually there.
Andrew Partington