24.28S 161.33E

Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Fri 14 Oct 2011 04:01
Guest blogger and first mate Gerard Cameron here. Andrew is having a rest from the blog today  and giving me the duty. We are now two days out of Noumea and things are going swimmingly. Not sure that is a good terminoligy whilst sailing. The winds have been terrific . They have been pretty constant at 15 knots and have slowly worked there way from the South to now be in the North East . Yesterday in the 24hrs from 11am we covered a very healthy 156nm .That leaves 485 nm to Brisbane.One hopes we can maintain something similar to this sort of speed and we will have this licked in no time. I have been reading Andrews blog long enough to know that this never is the case but being the optimistic soul i still hope.
 Our two and a half days in Noumea certainly were a suprise. I was astounded how cosmopolitan and modern the place was. Over half the population are ex pat French. It was incredibly difficult to communicate at times because of the language barrier . Very few people speak English and those that do are pretty poor at it. The food was fantastic though with the obvios influence of French  cuisine.They had a great market each morning near the marina which sold everything. This seems to be more popular way of shopping than the very modern supermarkets. It was very much like our Saturday markets in Albany only ten times bigger.. I am getting used to the routine on the boat and we are managing the sleep,eat,watch etc etc. The cooking bit last night was al ot more difficult with the rougher seas. Fortunately Andrew had some fozen bolognese suace that we used for some pasta. So it was a matter of keeping the pots on the stove whilst the pasta boiled and the sauce reheated.Not easy but all done and enjoyed in the end.The sleeping part has been the pleasant suprise. Despite the changes for watches and the pitcing and rolling i have found going off to sleep easy and enjoyable. We did see two more ships again yesterday and one of those in the middle of the night. He passed our route 7 nm ahead of us and then tracked 3nm South of us. You can see why it is important to keep vigilant with the ship watch.
It is now 3pm in the afternoon and we are still making good progress at 6 knots with a constant 15 knot North Easter on our tail and looking like it will hold at that.
All my love to those at home and i look forward to seeing you all next week.
Cheers Gerard