13.49S 144.03W

Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Sat 13 Aug 2011 04:47
It is now 7.30pm Mojo time and we are approaching the Tuamotus and are still east of Takaroa by about 58 miles. We should see land at first light tomorrow and round this island mid-morning. From there we sail through a 20 mile wide pass to the east of Rangiroa and on to Tahiti.
The last 24 hours has been fabulous weather but pretty ordinary winds. Our sail last night was uneventful other than passing a ship in the early hours that came within a couple of miles of us.
For nearly all of today we have sailed with the main [at the 1st reef] and the genneker in a 7-9 knot northerly. Amazingly the wind was true north, it was the first time since leaving Galapagos that we have been on a starboard tack and it made a nice change. Progress has been slow though with us ghosting along at between 4-6 knots for most of the day.
Late this afternoon we had a cargo ship, the "Taporo 9" from Papeete, apprach us from behind and pass us to our starboard side and only a couple of hundred metres away. We gave them a wave and watched as they headed away towards the horizon.
We covered 122NM yesterday and we have been motoring since dusk when the wind disappeared. Fancy sailing all this way and running out of wind near the finish line.
Just a short blog tonight [which must be a relief for some!!] as Jane is on watch and waiting for me to head back so she can sleep in preparation for tonight's sail.
Big day tomorrow!!
Andrew Partington.