Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Sat 11 Jun 2011 13:31
We are still in Aruba. The calm conditions did not last long and we now have a strong 20-25 knot wind that is set to intensify to 30-35 over the next couple of days. At present it is looking as though late Monday will be the earliest we can leave but Tuesday is more likely. I was told last night that a Hurricane has been named and is off the coast of Miami but I have not seen this for myself yet.
Lyn left a couple of days back and my son Robert has joined us. It is a bit frustrating for him just waiting around to leave but we did take the boat for a run along the coast for a swim and some snorkelling so he has been for a sail.
The swim we had was at Palm Beach, which is where all the major resorts are. Beautiful long stretch of beach but hundreds of people and loads of watersports going on with the resorts. Daniel and Rob hired a Hobicat for an hour before we sailed back to Renaissance Marina.
After we leave Aruba we will most likely sail fairly close to the coast of Columbia and stop in the San Blas Islands for a couple of days before we reach Panama. These islands are just off the coast of Panama and are described as the last undiscovered sailing grounds in the world. There are 370+ islands in the group and most are uninhabited. Looks like a fantastic place to visit. Google the islands if you have a chance.
Nothing more to report now as we sit tight waiting for the winds to settle. Daniel's bithday tomorrow. That could pose a real concern for my now recovering liver.