18.02N 56.52W 24th May 2011

Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Tue 24 May 2011 11:39
The good news for us yesterday was that the weather was sensational. Beautiful clear skies, warmth and virtually no swell. The bad news is the wind was blowing in a line straight from Antigua and throughout the day dropped away to virtually nothing. We had no choice but the either lounge around and swim off the back of the boat or fire up the engines and go looking for some wind.
We motored for 6 hours and near some cloud that had drifted in from the north we found some breeze with a little north in it. It was about 60 degrees off our starbord bow but soon backed around to 80-90 degrees. This was enough to get us sailing again with the geneker in light 7-8 knots of winds. This held pretty much all night but this morning, despite being a fabulous day, the wind dropped out to around 3 knots. Needless to say that in the background as I write this blog is the humming of the starboard Volvo Penta.
Definitely more signs of life now. We have passed a couple of ships and the rustiest fishing boat ever seen. More and larger seabirds are being seen as well. We had one bird yesterday about the size of a Lancaster bomber hovering over our stern as we motored along. I am wishing now that I had bought along a copy of "What Bird Is That?"  to help me identify some of them. It would certainly have had more use than our copy of "What Fish Is That?"!
Daniel scared the living daylights out of Lyn Yesterday as we were quietly motoring along. He ran across the hard top bimini and launched himself into a dive out over the inflatable boat and plunged into the water. I knew what he was about to do but by the time I had backed the motor off he was a good 20 metres back and swimming like crazy. Given his history in swimming he was back in the boat within seconds. Not me though I would have thought he may as well have had "Lunch" tattooed on his chest.
We have just under half of our water still and the fuel guage is showing a similar amount. Good thing, we may need all of this fuel over the next couple of days.
A slower day yesterday but thanks to the motors we made just a little over 100NM. Around 270NM to go.
Andrew Partington.