Ceilidh "The Return" Act Three 35:28.90N 08:56.70W

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sat 1 Jun 2013 21:30
Good evening all.  Hope this sends OK and have double checked position!
As you can see we are just over 24 hours out from Gib,wind currently allowing us to point at the “Straights”, just!  Still close hauled in 15 knots of wind.
We have just had some fun as the pulley for the 1st reef on the leach of the mainsail has just pulled of the sail.  We have put the second reef in!
Other fun today included re-seating the mast wedge/pad at deck level again and the pole by the galley/companion way falling out. Mast wedge was the easy one to sort.  The lower mounting for the pole was a pain to get re-fitted as the main batteries are in the way.
Starting to see some shipping now and hearing stuff on the VHF.  We also had a small bird hitch a lift for a couple of hours.
Last night was hard work with high winds and a very rough sea state, the sun shine and lighter winds during the day were much appreciated.  Currently hope the winds do not go light and to east as forecast as we are making good progress.  Wind has not done what forecast has said for several days!!