Ceilidh "The Return" Act Two 39:02.70N 43:21.30W

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Thu 16 May 2013 23:24
Hi all, the book club is still going with two off watch members of the crew sitting with books as I type.  Thanks for the e-mails, we got several and replies have been done.  Hope they get through this time.
We are currently under full sail with about 13 knots of breeze, our current heading is taking us straight to the Azores!  We were finally able to put the main back up (two reefs) soon after first light.  The wind had backed and veered several times over night but stayed to much for us to use the main without the option of the 3rd reef.  But we still made good progress under just the jib.
We have now had a steady breeze for several hours and it veered 10 – 15 degrees allowing us to make our current heading, even if still close hauled.  We are now down to just 680 NM to the WP.  The sea state has come way down so we are making good speed even in the light wind.
More sun sights were the order of the day and the fix was good to just over 4 NM, see if we can do the same tomorrow.
Dinner today were the Mid Atlantic Steaks!  Sam J was Mum and did a very good job.  Watching him clean up the galley after he will make some one a very good......