Code Blue 38:01.11N 07:07.37E

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Sun 4 Nov 2012 10:20
We have had another 24 hours of warm sunny weather so the wind gods are definitely with Ceilidh at the moment, long may this continue.
I am also happy to report this morning that we are making our direct course line to Ibiza which is 280M with a boat speed of 8knots and a true wind speed of 12knots SSW.
Our day’s run was 163NM giving a total log of 481NM since Malta and leaving a further 270NM to reach Ibiza.
I am further delighted to report the code 0 Gennaker or “ Code Blue” as it is now known has been set since 09:00 this morning and is giving Ceilidh the X factor in boatspeed.
As reported yesterday we had an initial setback when furling this sail but further perseverance and improved technique allowed us to master the beast at least in up to 12 knots of breeze.
What is apparent is this is as hoped a very powerful sail which will give us lots of options in light airs.
So apart from playing with our new toy we have now cleared to the west of Sardinia and left behind a tidal stream of 1.5knots which was flowing East and pulling down our SOG.
We had around 8 hours of motoring through the afternoon and evening as the wind dropped below 5knots, the forecast  going forward is for freshening SW wind sup to 20knots.
We have seen a fair bit of shipping now and also a lot of wildlife including some chaffinches and wagtails that landed on Ceilidh for a breather. Also we have seen dolphins close to swimming under our bow which is always a delight.
Looking forward to the next run ashore.
Dave Sturrock