Ceilidh "The Return" Act Two 38:29.60N 46:36.40W

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 15 May 2013 22:30
Hello from the Ceilidh “Book Club”, at one point to day all 3 crew off watch were reading, we may need some more books come the Azores
Crew would also like some e-mails from home!
Have had a rather windy day and as we can not use the 3rd reef in the main we have been under just the jib (still doing 6 – 7 Knots) since last night, rather wet getting the main down.  Wind and sea state (Rough) just starting to drop so we hope that we will be back under both sails later or by first light.
We are still being pushed a little north but as wind is starting to veer maybe we will be heading straight east tomorrow.
Did have one minor panic today when water came in round the hatch and tried to get this computer as well.
We have covered 160 NM again today but only reduced the distance to the WP by 141 NM.  However we are well over half way, The Azores are closer than Bermuda, but closest land in Newfoundland!
Pancakes for breakfast, fresh bread during the day and Pizza and salad for dinner.
If there are two blogs for today its because the PC crashed trying to send the first and this is the second time I have typed this!