Ceilidh "The Return" Act Two 38:32.00N 28:37.50W

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Fri 24 May 2013 20:13
Hi All
Well sorry for not posting this when we got in but the last 36 hours have been a little busy.  We are in Horta on Faial in the Azores and it is a lovely place.  Very green, almost looks like it could be in the UK.
We got in late on the 22 May and after customs etc got a berth 3rd out in a raft on the outer wall of the Marina.  There are a lot of boats here and another 30+ have arrived since we got here.  Over half have problems so we were lucky to beat the rush!
We have sorted the generator problem, it was a fuse that was loose in its slot of all things.  It was with the two relays that are fitted inside the air intake at the back of the unit.  A real pain to get to but sorted now.  When it was loose as soon as the start was pressed the current caused a mag field that pushed the fuse out!
We have had a good clean of everything and repaired several other minor items like stowage hinges, door latch and blinds.  Sam also did a swift job on replacing the switch for the stb winch which had failed.
We had thought that the repair to the Port Inner Shroud would be sorted today and we would be on the way by now.  But it has not proved that simple.  The rigger has been with us for a while and we have hit a snag with the fitting of the compression fitting to the bottom of the shroud.  We hope to sort it first thing and be on our way.