Lighter and warmer conditions 19:57.53N 36:36.38W

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Wed 5 Dec 2012 12:49
ARC Day 8
Ceilidh continued her great turn of speed with a daily log run of 198NM, our total run since Las Palmas is now 1,547NM.
We adjusted our course South from the rhumb line So we are now steering 230M with a wind angle of 120T which has accelerated our speed in slightly less wind of 16-20knots SE.
Last night was dazzling clear and the first night for several days that we did not suffer squalls or rainfall.
Today is the warmest so far with full sunshine and everyone taking deck showers.
We are approaching the mid point this evening which will leave 1,420NM to go toward St Lucia so will have a small celebration for this.
Now some very sad news from on land.
The father of 2 of my previous ARC crew on Flyer of Lorne Brian & Alan McCann has passed away.
Dr George McCann or Geordie to his family and friends was a huge character full of life and with an infectious sense of humour.
He was an ever present crew on the annual cruise to Scotland where I would join the family for many memorable years.
He will be sadly missed but not forgotten, our sympathies go to all the McCann Family at this time.
AS a mark of respect we held a minute’s silence onboard Ceilidh at 10:30 GMT which was the start of the funeral in Killowen today.
We had 2 flying fish landed on deck this morning both around 6” long, sadly they are not very tasty and have been returned to the deep.
We had 2 whale sightings yesterday, one leaping clear of the water which was possibly a humpback.
Also had some email chat with the other vessels in the fleet who we know, they are all having good fun too.
The 3rd verse of our 12 days of Christ mas tune is:
On the third day of Ceilidh’s ARC my skipper gave to me, 3 bloody reefs!
So onward to more Southern and warmer latitudes we go!
Dave Sturrock & Crew