First Night Sail Drama 36:24.26N 24:51.23E

Ceilidh of Lorne
Dave Sturrock
Fri 26 Oct 2012 08:55
Ceilidh’s first night sail commenced at a cracking 8 knots on a close reach with the NNW F4 breeze on a course of 265M along the North coast of Kos Island towards Santorini.
It was all going well until around 23:00hrs when the furled code 0 Gennaker unfurled toward the head of the sail.
With all the crew quickly on deck the only option was to lower the halyard and recover the flogging sail on the foredeck using the wind shadow of the main and genoa to assist.
Neil and Richard made a great job of this and the sail was then dispatched below through the hatch.
No damage done but we will now drop the Code 0 and put it in the bag if we have any headwinds to prevent a recurrence.
This morning sees lighter breezes as we continue close hauled at around 5 knots towards the West end of Crete to clear the passage there.
A glorious clear night sky with close to a full moon was followed by a stunning sunrise and bright warm weather as we continue on.
Everything else including the generator is working well and we are on track to make a 7knot average in our first 24hours.
Before the drama started we had a call from Chieffy wishing us luck, always great to hear from previous ARC crew.