Day 3 Azores to La Corunna

Fri 8 May 2015 11:39

All well here.Presently doing 6.5 knots in 20 knots of wind. We’re well reefed and quite comfortable. Yesterday up to mid day was very rough –we are skirting the edge of a major low.It was interesting to see the barometric pressure rise quite quickly as we proceed  east. It went from  997 to 1019 now. We’re expecting 20-30 knots Sat and Sun and wind dying off Mon and Tues.We expect to arrive on Tuesday so hopefully conditions will be as expected.

For dinner last night we had spaghetti Bolognese- went down well.

I had a large tanker on collision course around 4am this morning. I waited until he was 6 miles off and called him on the VHF to alert him to our location. When I called him he said he would look and get back to me-I told him location from his perspective-then when he got back to me he said he could now see me and altered course.It was still just over a mile away and I could hear his engines. It is useful to have the name of the ship as often they don’t respond unless they are called by name. I have the receive only AIS-so I can see ships with AIS-but they can’t see me except by eyeball or radar. On my receive only setup sometimes the name ( of ship) dosen’t appear until they are quite close. Would advise people doing long trips to get the transmitting/receive set as watchkeeping on ships ain;t that great !  We have the fishing line out at the moment- anyone for seared tuna ?