Day 18 156 miles left

Sat 2 May 2015 06:44

The gods have smiled and the wind duly arrived yesterday afternoon –so made good progress. Expect to be in Horta tomorrow afternoon at the latest. At 10 am we will have been 18 days at sea in total from St Martin-so final time will be 18 days and whatever hours. Delighted that the winds worked out so well. The average for the trip is 23 days so it will be a relatively fast passage D.V. At present we’re doing 5.8 knots in 13 knots of wind on a moderately rough sea- the sun is shining at last and we’re all looking forward to Horta.  There was an earthquake in Horta in 1998- 5.8 on the Richter scale- 5 people dead and 3,000 homeless at the time.The azores lie on the mid atlantic ridge where the Eurasian and North African plates meet .We expect to be able to see Pico’s volcanic peak tomorrow am. Its the neighbouring island to Faial (Horta capital) and is 2350 metres high. So all well on Sattwa and looking forward to land ahoy !