Day 17

Wed 21 Jan 2015 16:11

Progress slow now-very little wind and fuel stocks declining- we want to have enough to  manoeuvre in marina. Only doing 4.2 knots  in 8 knots of wind.

At this stage it comes down to how much fuel each boat has capacity for and how much they’ve already used.

We may have edged the German boat Sunrise in past 24 hours- but fuel very low now and winds very light so progress could be slow.

We’re 412 miles from Martinique. Can’t use either the fishing line or trailing water generator because of copious seaweed.

Menu is getting more exotic as the stocks decline.Cabbage spuds and curry sauce was the latest hit ! We got a surprise to see extensive water in the bilge- discovered it was fresh water from watermaker that leaked from the tanks-Not a problem as we can close off the affected tank.Hoping for a bit more wind to speed us iup-other than that all in good.