Sattwa Day 17 36.22 N; 34.11 W

Fri 1 May 2015 07:11

Well the wind finally gave up this am-we’ve had a good run of it so can’t complain. Just downloaded gribs for weather and it tells us that there is westerly wind 15 knots to the north and south of us. We’re going to engine to the north in the hope that we’ll pick up that wind. We have to be conservative with the rev’s as 30 litres of fuel left and we need to have some in reserve to get into Horta. We’ve got a hose running from the boom which has a funnel and from there to water tank. The sail acts as a water collector and if the rain keeps up we might even manage a shower ! 295 miles to go- Sunday looking a bit dodgy now-if not hopefully Mon in Horta.