Day 10 Sattwa

Wed 14 Jan 2015 14:40

At last- decent sun and the sea conditions have improved slightly.Wind 15-20 knots.

Flying fish on deck. Were all in shorts and t shirts though it gets cold enough to have a jacket on at night.

Coming to end of fresh food. The last bit of meat-pork steak –will be eaten tonight. Then we’ll start the fishing.

Not far off half way at the moment.John and Seamus in good form and enjoying the trip. A ship passed by 2.9 miles away.That was the  2nd ship we’ve seen since leaving Canaries.Interestingly I picked him up on a sounder extension of the Radar sea-me while he was not visible on either AIS or Radar. After 30 mins or so he appeared on both AIS and Radar. Conclusion-radar sea me sounder a very good option as it consumes very little energy and can be used as preliminary screen before further interrogation by Radar and AIS