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Tue 6 Jan 2015 15:59

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Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Subject: Battery update
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The benefits of a rally are quickly becoming evident.The manager Klaus Hympendahl put me in touch with Dutch electronics expert Markus Samberg who  not only has the Mastervolt USB interface I'm looking for, but also has most kindly given me a loan of it a.He also spoke about my problem to his nephew whom works in Mastervolt ! I will contact Mastervolt shortly to see if they can remotely reset my batteries over the internet.I'm worried that the quality of the internet here will not be good enough.We moved the boat last night to be nearer the mast in marina office- some improvement but still not good.The picture above shows the small USB interface that is in question.
Today is a big holiday here with procession and fireworks.
Will be in touch with Mastervolt soon to see if they can do anything with batteries. Here's hoping !

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