La Corunna

Thu 14 May 2015 17:34
Had active day today- drying out stuff from boat, laundry showers shopping and visit from mechanic. Good news re alternator- the chap that arrived was a Mastervolt specialist. He checked the alert message and immediately went to the correct wire in a relay to alternator - fixed the attachment and straight away all was working! He also spoke good English ! What a joy.
Two large cruise ships were in town including the new P & O vessel called Britannia- it's the same size as the one that was in Dublin recently.There is major work going on in the centre of town near the cruise ship terminal and when it is completed it will look great . So all ready to head off tomorrow towards Cork - hoping to arrive Tues/ Wed
Just heard today that 4 boats were rescued in that depression/ storm near Azores that we avoided. One French boat capsized and a young girl lost her life. Very sad and reinforces how careful one has to be with the sea.