Sattwa Day 19 14 55N; 58 37 W

Fri 23 Jan 2015 18:12

17.43 UT (Irish Time) –will be 4 hours behind local time tomorrow.


We’re on a great run in now , plenty of wind and doing 6-7 knots.Only 135 miles left. So we should be fine now and don’t have any worries about remaining fuel- if it is necessary to get in. The seaweed is still out in force-we were all hoping to get another Dorado before Martinique.Unfortunately fish is dodgy in Caribbean due to cigutera poising from dangerous algae on the coral reefs. Nonetheless we’re all thrilled to be making such good progress.We’re happy with the performance of the boat against many lighter and longer boats. We have to let rally control an expected arrival time 12 hours before arrival. I expect it will be about this time tomorrow-which is great as it will be in  middle of the day. Will update tomoorow to let you know how it goes !