Day 13 -886 miles left to Azores; 32.58;045.29 W

Mon 27 Apr 2015 04:34

Good sailing here at the moment. 14 knots of wind in a moderate sea and doing 6 knots. Can’t ask for more than that It’ll probably get a bit rougher as we get nearer the Azores as there are a number of low pressure systems crossing Atlantic towards Azores. We hope to get the wind from these to propel us to Horta which is the capital of the small island Faial which we are hoping to land on. Its probably the main marina in the island group. All well on board. Watermaker not working for some reason but we have plenty of back up water in any case. Just means no showers ‘til Horta. ! Getting inventive with the menus  at this stage but enjoying experimentation which is mostly working ! Potatoes ,carrots and onions are gone so down to Pasta, sauces cheese beans etc- all very healthy !