Sattwa -Diverted to Scillies

Tue 19 May 2015 16:58

 After lunchtime yesterday the wind and seas began to pick up with wind speed’s in the 30’s against NW wind and big seas we decided to head for  the Scillies.It was a very rough passage with huge seas and winds gusting to 46 knots.  The seas were massive with waves hitting the boat side on-with tremendous bangs from time to time-almost stopping the boat and water pouring over the decks and cockpit. Its always difficult estimating wave heights but they were certainly in the 5-7 metre range.We heard Falmouth Coastguard co ordinating a mayday  for a vessel called Vision 3. I gather that 3 people were rescued from this by a nearby ship. A ship near the shipping lanes was in touch with Falmouth Coastguard to warn that he had lost containers overboard near the Scillies. So –it was very rough on board and also very cold at night. Sleeping and cooking was very difficult and we mostly managed on cat naps and the odd cup of coffee or tea. We eventually got in to St Mary’s-Hughtown via St Mary’s Sound.Progress in the Sound was very slow against squalls of up to 40 knots. Tying up to a mooring bouy was also next to impossible in the conditions-so we sheltered behind the pier wall until the harbourmaster staff were available in large rib to help with the mooring. We were all very relieved to  get into harbour and all exhausted.Chris Roberts has an upcoming appointment in UK so decided to avail of an offer by the harbourmaster for a lift ashore as the timetable from here to Cork is uncertain at this stage. I hope Chris managed to get the transport connections ashore-he was an excellent sailor and crew .Conditions here in the harbour are still rough with big swells coming into the harbour.Dinghying ashore will be a wet affair  ! I will continue to Cork with John as soon as the weather allows and we get the boat into shape for the last leg.This blog is coming a little later than usual as had to head for the bunk to catch up on some badly needed rest ! Hope the final trip to Cork is soon and in much milder conditions !