Spain-Cork Day 1

Sat 16 May 2015 06:31

On the road again ! After last minute shopping in  La Corunna  visited Casa Picasso in the center of town, Picasso lived in La Corunna from the age of 10-14 when the family moved there. They have preserved the  house as was at the time- I was the only visitor at the time- entrance is free. It’s a apartment up long winding stairs on the second floor- you have to ring a buzzer at the entrance so they can let you in. There is a kitchen,living room,bathroom  study/studio where his paints were on view and three tiny bedrooms. They had a small number of paintings and prints from his time there.All in all well worth a visit. It was around three o clock by the time we left after refuelling. The first few hours after leaving La Corunna were very bumpy as we were motoring into a large swell, although there was very little wind. Now that we’re off the ledge and in deep water its a lot smoother but we’re still motoring. We had another ship close by without AIS last night. I;ve set up intermittent scanning on radar-10 scans every 5 mins-with a guard zone of 7 miles to help in watchkeeping. It was a very dark night last night-no stars or moon. We’re still motoring-we’ve got a fair bit of fuel as we are expecting little wind for the first 2 days. A 4 day journey now feels commonplace after the long haul trips from St Martin to Azores and Azores to Spain! We’re all looking forward to getting back and hopefully will bring the good weather with us. Progress is a bit on the slow side at the moment so we’re probably looking At late Tues –Wed am for arrival in Cork.