Day 16 Sattwa 35.35 N 36.57 W

Thu 30 Apr 2015 06:15

Four hundred and thirty seven miles left to Horta. Weather continues favourable  20-25 knots wind from south west

Doing 6-7 knots. Had a large ship last night that did not have AIS ! We have a sounder extension on our Radar reflector (Radar Sea Me) which we leave turned on. When it pinged  -looked at chartplotter- no AIS-fired up the radar and there she was 8 miles away. The nearest she came was 3 miles. Just shows- you can’t entirely rely on and one item on a boat- back up,back up,back up. All looking forward to Horta for showers and general clean up and rest. Seas are still rough enough- but overall delighted with progress.