Day 18 Sattwa

Thu 22 Jan 2015 19:09

Thankfully wind has arrived and we’re doing 6-7 knots in 12-17 knots of wind.

If this keeps up will be in on Tuesday. Had the Odlums brown bread mix for  breakfast this am with an egg thrown in for good measure plus UHT milk.Turned out very nice. Did a  big wash yesterday with all the shorts and t shirts etc. Great drying out here !

Last night AIS alarm went off to indicate that an 800 ft tanker was on  potential collision course. While it was 10 miles away there was to be less than a nautical mile at closest point of approach.I contacted him via VHF and after consulting his radar he saw us  and altered his course to starboard.

The seaweed continues to be a problem and precludes use of towed water generator and fishing line.

Hoping this fair wind brings us in safely to Martinique.