Atlantic Ocean Day 7 Noon Position 32:38.956N 78:14.751W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Fri 9 May 2008 20:40
Guess what, we're still at it.  I thought for sure we would be in Charleston by now, but the weather gods would not have it.
About dusk yesterday, we got hit by a monster gale that has lasted until right now, late afternoon the  next day.  We got to within 86 miles of Charleston, and could not go any further in that direction.  Winds have been steady 35kts and we recorded 41 kts.  Can't make any progress in the gulf stream with those kinds of winds.  Plus there has been thunder and lightening and a little rain.  Mostly thought unrelenting wind. 
We decided about dawn today to head further north.  Our destination now is Cape Fear.  Now how that for tempting the gods.
We have no pilot books for the area, so we will be relying solely on our charts.
More about today later.