Day 17 Final Position 13:20.365N 59:37.204W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Mon 17 Dec 2007 09:28
The crossing is now history.  Whoopee we made it  and in fabulous time as well.  Sixteen days, two hours and forty two minutes.  Not bad for a couple of 70 plusers.  We have had wonderful weather albeit very heavy weather sailing conditions.  High winds of course made the short duration of the voyage possible.  Also we sort of kept the peddle to the metal for the last two days. 
We normally slow down at night, but these last two have been close to perfect conditions so we kept everything up.  We actually were still conservative in that we had a double reef in the main each night and the genoa partially rolled up.
It looks like our average speed for the voyage is slightly in excess of 7 knots.  That is fast for a 42 foot boat over the course of 2692 nautical miles.
Our destination is Six Men's Bay and Port Saint Charles.  It is about 8 miles down the west coast of Barbados and I will give a final report of the voyage from there.
All is well on board.