Day 7 Noon Position 22:59.083N 32:36.622W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Fri 7 Dec 2007 15:11
We continue our trek west with good progress.
Our noon to noon distance was 162 nm.   Currently we have 987 miles on the log with 1622 to go.  Our course is 243 degrees which is the direction we want to go.  The weather has been so-so,  with periods of rain, high winds between 20-30 knots and monster seas. Right now it is sunny 79 degrees and low humidity.  The humidity has been low every day which surprises us for being in the middle of an ocean.
Last night when most of the rain came, it occurred over the entire night but for only a very brief period each time.  Every time however brought higher winds and we recorded 38 knots at one point.  We were sailing quite conservatively with only a poled our genoa and the boat handled the high winds with no problems save for a few slews around coming down the face of these swells.  Many of them were 8 to 10 meters high.  All night and all day for it seems the entire trip, we've only been sailing up hill or down hill.  Never entirely level.  Every bit has been dead downwind. Earlier today I took the helm to see what it would be like to guide the boat as directly down a wave as I could. The pilot does a good job in these conditions but it wanders a bit down waves.  On my try, we felt like being on a toboggan.  There was a huge bow wave and a rooster tail.  We hit about 12 knots on the surf. The boat is on the auto pilot 99% of the time and after all these years, I still marvel at how well it steers especially in trying down wind conditions with big seas.  I can't ever remembering broaching because it couldn't handle the situation.
Last night 3 flying fish committed suicide on our deck.  They flop around for quite a while trying to take off again I suppose and in the process lose many of their scales, which are everywhere.  Especially with sea water coming on deck and rain which washes them into every nook and cranny.  They dry like they were glued on.
Nothing broke over the past 24 hours which is a blessing.
All is well onboard.