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Bill and Judy Stellin
Sun 23 Sep 2007 09:33
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Subject: Estepona

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Forget Estepona.  It's a nice enough place but some of the marinaros are swindlers.
We got to the marina on Sunday about 1:30 PM and by this time the office staff had gone home for the day.
A young marinaro checked us in and told us the berthing for one night was 50 euros. That seemed very high but we had no choice.  While I was waiting to check in, a German in a 38 foot Bavaria checked in and was charged 50 euros which he paid with cash.  When it was my turn I wanted to pay by credit card but the marinaro said only cash.  I replied I was only going to pay with a card and I'd wait until the office opened later in the day.  About 3:00 the marinaro came to the boat and said to come to the office to pay.  I followed him and he took me to the office but not inside. Next to the door was a cash machine and he wanted me to take 50 euro out to pay him.  I told him in no uncertain terms in Spanish I was not going to pay with anything but a card.
Well, the office didn't open until the next day and so when we checked out and paid, I found out it 26 euros not 50.
Rather than question anything, I paid and left.  I wasn't sure if the office had it right or the marinaro did.  As we were about to leave I saw the German and asked him if he paid 50 euros for one or two days.  He told me one.  I told him what the real price was and suggested he get his money back.  The marinaro was going to turn in 26 euros and keep the rest.  I sure am glad I insisted on using the card.    That same day I bought a magazine and newpaper and the clerk would not take a card only cash which I paid with.  He explained he makes no money on the transaction if a card is used.  The magazine is clearly marked (in very small print as part of the bar code) 6.50 in Spain.  He had repriced it 7 euros.  I went back and said how come he was charging me more than the stated price.  I gave him the choice of refunding the whole price or giving me back the difference.  He refunded the whole price.  Two examples of underhanded dealing.  I could understand not taking a card for a magazine, but then upping the price also was not acceptable.
Moral, stay away from Estepona.  Trouble is we would have stayed for several days had we known the real price at the outset.  As it was I didn't find out how reasonable it was until it was to late.  We both lost on that one and I hope the little s--- gets fired over cheating.