Guadeloupe, Deshaies anchorage: Position: 16:18.390N 061:47.803W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Mon 10 Mar 2008 20:43
For some reason, my last journal position did not show on Google Earth.  This one should and when I get to a good wifi hot spot I will correct it.   I used a comma instead of a dot  to separate the minutes from seconds in the Lat/Long position and maybe that had something to do with it.
This is a most pleasant anchorage, much better than our last one in the Iles Des Saintes ( The Saints).  The spot was pretty but very rolly. Before  that we were on the island of Dominica (pronounced Dominikay). Here we took a river boat tour in what I called their idea of a Jungle Larry's Cruise. 
We were anchored just outside the mouth of this little river which we toured.  Our tour was as much to keep these people employed and making some money, as it was for our enjoyment.
The anchorage was beautiful, as most are.  The hills are as green as green can be and usually very quiet.

We are stern to with a line to shore to keep from moving around too much and keep our bow into the swells.  This area had fantastic snorkeling.
Coral gardens filled with brightly colored fish from about one to eighteen inches.  We try to snorkel every day as the water is quite clear, warm and filled with things to see.
We were told we would see neat birds and fish.  We saw one morning dove and some carp.  Plus it rained buckets the whole trip and we got soaked to the skin.  Martin, our guide was very friendly and tried his best to make nothing into something.
Life is very slow on this island and people live long lives.  The oldest person on the planet,  a life time resident,  just died at age 128.