Day 4 Noon Position 23:48.441N 024:14.450W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Tue 4 Dec 2007 12:00
Well, we're still here, trucking along, although the last 24 hours was mixed with lots of different conditions.
During the night, the wind went calm and keeping the boat moving in these big swells is a really tough job.  We are trying to stay at about 24 degrees north latitude so as to be north of a large weather system that will bring high winds.  In doing so, we must sail dead downwind, which is probably the worst direction as far as attention to steering goes.  Fortunately, our current course is 270 degrees, so at least we are going in the right direction. The boat is level but with big swells, this and any boat, tends to slew down the face occasionally.  Luckily the auto pilot can handle the chore.  We are wing and wing (genoa poled out to port, and main out to starboard) so any steering mistake spells curtains for one of the sails. It's hard to relax under these conditions.
Meals Judy has prepared have been very good.  We had stew one night, and spaghetti (my request) last night.  First night, I was so nervous I didn't eat anything. 
Our west to east crossing is now just a distant memory so I was apprehensive for this one.  The task is much harder than I remember. Keeping the boat moving in any conditions and in one piece is a constant drain on energy.  Also with only the two of us and three hour watches, sleeping has been catch as catch can.  We try to get uninterrupted sleep during our off watches, but invariably something comes up that requires both of us.  We find we are often napping during the day to make up.  Ours days are really busy, almost too busy to even read.  What with navigation, radio work, weather analysis, cooking, keeping the vessel shipshape, there isn't much time to just relax while awake.
Soon I will get my new fishing gear out and see what, if anything, wants to be our dinner.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.