Fw: Antigua Position: 17:07.214N 061:50.781W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Sun 16 Mar 2008 02:01
We are now in St Johns on the island of Antigua after having spent about a week in the south of the island at Nelsons Dockyards in English harbor.  You can see it by scrolling down from our present position.
It was the best, by far, of any spot we've been in while in the Caribbean.  Lots of history and a great facility.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, and there were no churchs nearby, so we sailed to St Johns which is the only "big" city on the island with a church that we could walk to.  Very touristy with lots of cruise ships here every day.  Lousy spot for the boat, very smelly with sewage from the town, which is normal, but at least we went to church which is why we came in the first  place.  We will leave for St Kitts tomorrow.
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