Day 14 Noon Position 15:57.796N 51:05.560W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Fri 14 Dec 2007 14:22
Rain Squalls everywhere.  We must have been hit with 20-25 over the past 3 days.  One late yesterday was long and hard enough for me to take a cockpit shower in it.  The weather is very warm, the sea is at 80 degrees, so being outside in the rain is not uncomfortable. Judy is too modest for outside al fresco bathing even though land is 500 miles from us. 
What is uncomfortable, is constantly having to deal with the changes in wind speed and direction.  Plus we are going dead downwind so all the rain comes in the companion way unless we have the wash board in and hatch closed.
The other aspect is the rolling.  I've talked about it enough and we've had enough of it to last a lifetime.
We had a particularly good dinner last night. A beef dish Judy dreamed up that still has my mouth watering.
This voyage is going faster than we expected so we will have a lot of food left for later.  Our fridge and freezer is doing a good job protecting everything and we even still have fresh fruits and vegetables. Some bananas are still green.
One of these days, we may even harvest some of the flying fish that board us every night for breakfast.  I understand they are good to eat.
So far we've sailed 2183 non stop miles and have exactly 500 more to go to Barbados.
I mentioned we are near several other boats, (non of whom we've spotted yet) all going to Barbados.  We will surly have a party there when we all meet.
One boat, Vision, is slightly ahead of us.  It is a 56 foot Catamaran and I think we will catch them.  I keep thinking about putting up the asymmetrical kite to go a little faster, but I know Judy would kill me if I even mention it.  She is right too, the squalls would take care of the sail and maybe the boat and us also.
I had a scare when I turned on the computer and clicked on Outlook Express and it wouldn't open.  Without it I have no way of communicating with Express Mail, the people that bring you the blog.  It was a little problem with the way it was turned off and restarting the computer took care of it.
Alls well on board.