Day 3 Noon position 24:47.738N 021:15.486W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Mon 3 Dec 2007 14:18
Three hundred miles under our keel over the past 48 hours and all is well. 
Winds out of the NNE about 18-20 kts and manageable swell.
Trade wind sailing is really the berries.  We have our 155% Mylar genoa up and that's all. It is poled out and we haven't touched it or the sheet since it went up over  day and half ago. For over a day, I have been contemplating putting the main up, but our speed is good the way we are so we will probably sail with just the headsail until we need more speed. The boat is on the pilot and handling the swell from astern with no problems whatsoever. On the first day, when we had such miserable sailing conditions, our main and boom were pumping viciously and on one particularly bad one the boom vang failed.  The vang is ok but the wire inside that makes up the block and tackle snapped.  I have jury rigged it back together and I am sure it will be ok, except we have only a two part purchase instead of a 3 part purchase.  Now for some of you not familiar with boating terms and your eyes are glazing over, just go to Google and look up boom vang, it's too hard to try and explain here.
There are at least three high frequency radio nets going on this passage, so we know where several other boats are and their weather conditions.  Not like the first crossing, were we were alone with no one to talk or listen to.  Here, it is like a small city all migrating to warmer climates.  Chatter on the radio is about some high winds coming later this week.  Sometimes I think we are better off not knowing so much. It just gets the worry molecules going in my brain. I'll let you know if it materializes.