Day 11 Noon Position 17:36.111N 42:43.245W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Tue 11 Dec 2007 17:44
Our progress is picking up due to strong winds directly out of the east.  With us going west, the boat is level but very rally due to the big seas, some of which are coming from the ESE so they cross in our path.  So far we've sailed 1692 nautical miles with 970 to go. Our best 24 hour distance has been 179 miles. 
It's good we are now only in triple digits as far as miles to go.
Weather continues fine with temps in the high 70's and low 80's.  What's really nice are the nights, where the temps stay high. I've been in a bathing suit in the cockpit until 9-10PM and very  comfortable.
We have enough days behind us now so that setting the boat up for particular wind and sea conditions, especially between night and day sailing, is much easier. 
Early on we were experimenting with different sail combinations and whether to reef the main and the genoa or one or none.  There are endless ways to do things on a sailboat and you must try several to see what works best.  Trouble is, it is a lot of work and dangerous.  Every second we must hang on for dear life.  We can't move one foot without figuring out what we can grab to keep us from being pitched about.
Sleeping has been great because we sleep across the vee berth bed instead of fore and aft like you are supposed to do.  Luckily the bed is 6 feet 2 inches wide at the widest and so there is plenty of room.  Now you ask why?  With the rolls from side to side, if we sleep the normal way its like being made into a sausage.  Athwart ship means we rock from head to toe and don't notice  it nearly as much.
My fishing attempt so far has no results except losing all my tackle and lure.  I had the break on too loose and must have had something on that stripped everything away.  I have more and frankly it is so much bother, I guess I wouldn't mind losing it also so I can put the fool stuff away and do something else.
Like getting interupted to mop up a wave that came in through a port.  I swear, if one hatch or port is open, a rougue wave will find its way in.  About 2 buckets full came in the galley.  We've been very good about keeping the condo dry, but sometimes we let our guard down the the waves are watching for just a small mistake.
Judy saved a fly fish which landed next to her.  It was beating it's wings? fins? and trying to take off, but without water it had no chance.  She flipped it back so it can fly again.
All's well aboard and more later.