Day 10 Noon Position 19:24.837N 40:11.296W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Mon 10 Dec 2007 16:02
We just keep rolling merrily along.  The swells never cease nor do the waves.  It has taken quite a few days now, but I think we are more accustomed to the motion.
I can't remember if I mentioned I am trying to fish.  Good thing we don't have to depend on my skills.
The weather here is wonderful.  Right now it is 82 degrees, warm water, low humidity and lots of sun.  Plus we have nice wind right off our stern.  More of the same, wing and wing sailing with the boat level. Our progress remains about the same with average daily runs in the mid 160 mile range.
The nights slow us down a bit due to caution and a little lower wind speeds.
We are not alone out here.  Within a few hundred miles there are at least 25 other boats we talk to every day on the Single Side Band High Frequency radio.  We have a regular schedule at 1300 and 1800 hours.  Each boat gives its postion to the net controller who repeats the information and this allows us double time to record where the boats are and if we are close.  Now we have two boats within 30-40 miles however I doubt we will ever see them.
I took lots of pictures of big seas, but small cameras like mine don't do them justice.  Nevertheless, here is one of the not so huge ones.  A few days later they seemed to be twice the height.
All is well on board and we are keeping good watches.