Day 13 Noon Position 16:48.186N 48:26.540W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Thu 13 Dec 2007 16:50
We continue to be rocked by rain squalls.  All last night, and all today.  In fact for the last several days, these little rain cells pop up and bedevil us.
We are sore, battered and bruised just about everywhere.  It is like being on a bucking bronco and getting bucked off every 10 minutes, day after day.
Who ever said this is a milk run is nuts.  This is the hardest sailing for the longest sustained time we've ever done.  Winds have never been less than 20 knots and most of the time they are 25 knots with gust to 35.  This means innumerable sail combination changes. 
Each little rain squall requires powering down for the inevitable gust and then powering up for the lull.
It isn't  just a matter of sail trim, it means rolling up the genoa, reefing the main, unrolling the genoa, shaking out the reef, changing the pole from the port to starboard side of the boat etc.  Most of the time these changes can take at least half an hour.
We have heard of at least 2 ARC boats that have been abandoned for various reasons and one of them is drifting right along our track.  Chances are probably one in a million we will see it.
Got to make this one short because the squalls are upon us again and I have to be on deck.
Alls well aboard.
2035 non stop miles on the log and 648 more to go.  Our best  24 hour run  0800 to 0800 was 182 miles today.  At least these conditions are proving to be fast.