Day 8 Noon Position 22:40.465N 35:31.486W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Sat 8 Dec 2007 15:11
Another night and day of rain squalls, some pretty heavy.  The good new is that the rain washes off the salt, the bad news is that its hard to keep the condo dry.  I used an afternoon rain to shower myself.  First one since we left.  Really needed it too. (Even Judy could use one).
I am letting my beard grow and now, I would be the winner in the "Nick Nolte mug shot look alike contest. " I even scare myself when I look into a mirror.  Judy loves it so what the hey it will last at least until Barbados.
Today is a little easier sailing.  Full main and genoa out where they are supposed to be.  No wing and wing to worry the bejeebers out of us.
Our noon to noon distance made good was 167 miles which was not bad considering all the sail changes we had due to the squalls.  With each one, which we can spot on radar in advance, we have to shorten sail.  Wing and wing sailing makes that more difficult and takes a little more time.
Most of the rain came at night when I was supposed to be off watch.  As a result, I got very little sleep and keep dozing off.
Wind speeds have dropped to the very low 20's which is much needed.  Although in the last squall a few hours ago,  we recorded 38 knots and during the height of it the average was about 26-27 knots.  I hand steered in my bathing suit because I was running out of dry stuff.
Our course is now direct to Barbados, 252 degrees, and 1462 miles away.
More tomorrow.