Tobago Cays, Gerenadines Position: 12:38.153N 61:21.697W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Fri 18 Jan 2008 00:46
After Bequia, we sailed a short twenty miles to Canouan (St Vincent Grenadines) and anchored for the night.  This is a really nothing island with
only a so-so anchorage.  Gusts of wind would funnel between two small hills at over 20 knots, from 0 knots in about 2 seconds.  The holding was good but nevertheless it was nerve racking wondering if we would drag anchor.  We met a very nice couple, Tom and Kathy on Yellow Rose, who are also from Michigan.  They are seriously thinking about moving their home to Grand Rapids, another example of a small world.  We shared a mini bus with them at their invitation to tour this small island.  A mostly forgettable tour and island.  Any readers heading this way can surly miss Canouan and not miss anything.  All these Grenadine islands are very close so there are many better choices.  After one night there we sailed a really short 6 miles to fabulous Tobago Cays.  This group of islands is the crown jewel of the Grenadines and probably the entire Caribbean.
These five small islands are protected to seaward by a huge barrier called Horseshoe Reef.  The cays have beautiful beaches, clear water still with lots of fish and well-protected anchorages.
We beached our dinghy on the little sand beach above and snorkeled in front of the island.
We are at anchor in Tobago Cays.
In the distance, you can just see the waves breaking over the barrier reef which protects these Cays.
This turtles shell alone, is over two and half feet long
Colorful coral.
This guy is supposed to be harmless, but Judy gave him a wide berth just in case.
The water is crystal clear and filled with fish and turtles.  We snorkeled over two days in 80 degree water and then capped off the first day with a lobster barbeque on the beach put on by Mr Fabulous.  No kidding, that is his name.  The lobsters were 3-4 pounds each and Judy and I split one.  We still had some to bring back to the boat.   We were joined for dinner by our Swedish friends Bertil and Agnes on Panacea.  We first met them in Barbados just after we had both crossed the Atlantic and have since run into them at least three times.
We decided, we like lobster broiled on the grill better than boiled.  This variety has no claws, but makes up for it with a monster tail and upper body filled with succulent meat.
And so to bed, fat, happy and satisfied with this part of our beautiful planet.