Atlantic Ocean Position 18:37.214N 64:53.167W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Fri 2 May 2008 18:03
We are off and running.  To where, is another question even we don't have the answer to as yet.
The boat is sailing on a beam reach (90 degrees apparent to the wind) and it is comfortable and fast.
We originally set a course for Bermuda, but it was a little close to the wind.  The Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas was more off the wind, but almost down wind which is hot and slower.  So, we compromised and now, if nothing changed for the next 1143 nautical miles, we would hit Wrightsville Beach, which is guess is in North Carolina.  Now something will change for sure, so it is anybody's guess where we will end up.  It is still early and our plan is to sail as comfortably as possible, preferably on a beam reach for as long as we can. Provided of course we are generally headed in the right direction for the US.
I know that sounds sort of loosey goosey, but that is what cruising is all about.  Stay loose and go where the winds want us to go. 
Fortunately, if the winds clock more out of the north, we will head more westerly and skirt the Bahamas.  Judy has made it clear, she wants nothing to do with weaving in and out of them because of the thin water.  I agree.
If the winds continue out of the east, we will continue as is.   If they clock more to the southeast, which is predicted, we may head more northerly again to Bermuda.  We also have to contend with a strong westerly set of current which will push us more towards the Bahamas.  All the more reason to stay more to the east of them.
In looking at our old log, I notice, we began this odyssey on May 18, 2000.  We actually left Muskegon Mi on about May 1st.  So we are turning to our ninth year.  Who'd a thunk it.
So, stay tuned for more of Bill and Judy's most excellent adventure.