Day 12 Noon Position 16:48.971N 45:22.443W

Bill and Judy Stellin
Wed 12 Dec 2007 17:16
We are truckin.  Averaging about 175 miles a day now.  Last night we slowed down for about 4 hours while we had to deal with several very intense rain squalls.  Big winds with shifts in direction and speed, plus torrents of rain.  These events always come in the middle of the night when it is scary as h---. The good new is that we didn't break anything and the boat got washed, the bad news, we slowed down.
Right now it is typical trade wind sailing.  Little cotton ball puffy clouds and winds out of the east at 25 knots.  Seas are moderate.  These kinds of conditions can and do change rapidly and we can probably expect more rain again before 24 hours are past.
My fishing is a disaster.  Something got all the gear again, all the line stripped off the reel, lure, and related stuff.  We did have another kamikaze flying fish on deck. We are,, 11days out of 12, with flying fish and 0 days out of 12, with nothing caught.  I give up.
The temptation is to start counting down remaining days at sea.  It might be only 5-6 more.  We and  the boat are getting pretty rank.  We can't have many ports or hatches open, because seas find them and come in every time.  So, it gets hot and stuffy sometimes.  Today, however lots of windows are open and Judy took a shower.  I'll think about one for me.  Maybe a rain shower will come along and I'll use that.
Guess what.  A shower came while I was writing this and soaked the boat.  Judy was sleeping and didn't notice she was getting wet along with everything else.  One cardinal rule is never open a window above the computer which I followed so I didn't notice what was happening.  All the while the sun shown brightly.
All is well aboard and more tomorrow.