16'44.21N - 31'44.20W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Wed 8 Dec 2010 12:12

Day 16


Sunrise – 0600hrs

Wind – 8knts

Speed – 5knts


This morning was rather different to the others we’ve, due to the change in time zones, rather to the sunrise at 0800 is was today at 0600, again a breath taking sight, the sun just breaking through the clouds and beaming down on the sea. With the wind too light to sail at the speed required to reach St Lucia before Christmas, we continued to motor sail with the auto helm steering. This makes life pretty boring on board and everyone finds various ways to keep themselves occupied. Today, Gareth was giving a demonstration on how to splice a rope; Dennis and Dez were the pupils and Tony watching on. Then mid afternoon, the boredom was shattered when Uncle Albert’s fishing rod sang into action and after about ten/fifteen minutes a sizable Dorado of about 12/15 lbs was aboard, netted by the ghillie – Tony. So far, this is the biggest fish landed aboard Gwawr. It didn’t take long for the fish to be filleted, cleaned and put in the fridge for tomorrow’s supper; it had more than enough meat to feed us all. Evening time had us enjoying the culinary skills of Gareth Pierre White’s cooking, a chicken surprise dish which was enjoyed by all, judging on all the clean plates that returned for washing up!! Oh.. Yes, we do have rain down here. Dez and Tony had a miserable time on watch as it rained for the most part of their three hour watch from 23.00 hrs, typically, it just about stopped on the next change over