16'03.56N - 45'02.54W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Sun 12 Dec 2010 14:33


Day 21


Sunrise – 07.15

Wind – 15 – 20 knts

Speed – 7 - 8 knts


An interesting day, to say the least. We were blessed with a good strong breeze all day, which allowed us to make good progress towards St Lucia. The sun was very fierce and unrelenting so it was decided to bring out the bimini to save any burnt bodies. Lunch of cheese omelets were enjoyed on deck and everyone settled down for the afternoon. At about 16.20 hrs the cry went up that there were whales about, so everyone clambered on deck to see and take photographs. Although uncertain  at first, they were identified as Minke whales and we had 3 or 4 surfing down waves and displaying around Gwawr. This went on for about an hour, ending with one jumping clear out of the water three times.

Sea food It was now  time for supper courtesy of Antonio Chefinni’s world famous seafood risotto. As night closed in everyone settled down as Gwawr merrily went on her way. Whatever went into tonight’s meal had some strange effect on Dez and Tony who spent their entire watch composing little poems about anything and everything that inspired them! By the end around 16 little poems were completed, some recorded by Gareth, others might make it into a book, so high was the standard!!! Dez will enter some of his for the Chair at next year’s eisteddfod at Chwilog.


       East to west                                                               Round the bend


From east to west we travel far                              I’ve been to sea days on end

Across the sea to find the bar                                 enough to drive me around the bend

The coldest beer is on our list                                 after listening to the African drum

Lets hope to god we don’t get pissed.                     Now it time to enjoy the rum.


            Surprise                                                               Journeys end


As the crew sit down for tea,                                   1star 2star 3star more

They are surprised in what they see                will they lead us to St Lucia’s shore

Minke whales swimming by                                Pigeon Island will come first

None of them were camera shy                    then round the corner we’ll quench our thirst.


     The Star above                                                            Lonely seas


As I see a shooting star                                   There are no ships or yachts in sight

Yet again it’s so far,                                           nothing to race or give us a fight

As I make a little wish                                         so we must sail our lonely way

I hope one day I’ll catch a fish.                               All the way to Rodney bay.


                                                                                      Copyright courtesy of Dez & Tony