15'11.26N - 51'31.92W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Mon 13 Dec 2010 22:54

Day 23


Sunrise - 0715hrs

Wind - 8-10knts

Speed – 5-6knts


Today was one of those days, where you feel you’ve seen it all before, as it was just like yesterday but with out the beef, once again we saw the Minke whales early this morning, but they didn’t stay for long. Dez decided to have a shave, Martyn had a shower & made his dry bed up AGAIN after it got soaked for the fourth time during this voyage, Tony is still washing his clothes after they all got water damaged during the broach but is more upset that his camera & ipod are both dead..

In the afternoon we were hunted down by a 700ft ship making way to the Orinoco River, its course was bringing it too close to gwawr, Gareth decided to call them up on the radio

to check that they had seen us. Eventually we altered course, even so it passed within half a mile of us.

We’re all now thinking on what we’ll get up to after reaching  St Lucia, but that’s for another day. No mention on this evening’s dinner either…but it was very very good

We also heard today that our local club, Pwllheli Sailing Club have been awarded substantial funding for a Sailing Academy. CONGRATULATIONS..