20'21.42N - 24'23.72W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Mon 6 Dec 2010 19:30

Day 7


Sunrise - 0750

Wind - 4-6knts

Speed - 3-4knts


Gwawr suffered another frustrating night, once again finding herself without wind to steer her. With sails flapping away, it was decided to roll away the Genoa and wait for the wind to increase sufficiently for the sails to be set once more. At the time, what wind there was came from the north, which meant we were sailing in the direction we didn’t want, but eventually it swung round to the south which allowed us to set a fair course once more. During the afternoon Dennis & Gareth were working on the Generator with the help of David Brown who advise them very well on how to solve the problem, early afternoon the wind increased to 15-17knts and Gwawr was flying along at 7knts towards our destination, with only 2040nm to go. It has been a lonely day with no other yachts in sight then at 2000hrs we see a faded light on the horizon which is a 949ft cargo ship heading for ITAGUAI, which none of us have EVER heard of…

Tonight’s ‘cook’ was Uncle Albert’ Dennis’ who served up the fish we caught yesterday, with sweet Potatoes, carrots and leaks, followed by Sara’s apple crumble with cream., Critics say that Gwawr is the best restaurant in the Atlantic…FACT , Only Gareth dressed up for dinner, and he FORGOT  his tie…..