16'56.32N - 27'01.41W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Mon 6 Dec 2010 19:37

Day 15


Sunrise – 0830

Wind – 6-7 knots

Speed – 4 knots


As we make good progress towards the ever hot St Lucia, we found out this morning as Dennis & Sara were on watch that we went in to a different time zone, time has changed by – 2 hours. During the heat of the day, Dez had just woken up to see a big red object onboard the boat, but it was Gareth baking in the heat of the Atlantic.

With no land or other ships to see today, the afternoon turned into a bit of a debate. The subject being flying fish, we’ve already seen hundreds but today we began to take them seriously. The two questions that were being debated were – 1) Do the ‘flying fish’ actually fly or just glide?  and 2) how do they all know to flee and turn in the same direction when ‘in flight? Answers on a postcard please!!!!